What resolution did you make for the New Year? In a USA Today snapshot poll 41% said “lose weight”, 11% “get a job”, 8% “make a major purchase”, and 8% “fall in love”. If that doesn’t add up to 100%, it is because 32% said they don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Many have failed so often in past resolutions, that they simply want to avoid the possibility of failing again. But consider those who did resolve. While there is nothing wrong with the categories represented, unless it is that “fall in love” department, there is a serious lack of spiritual consideration. I’m all for losing weight, but why not lose pride and arrogance? I’m all for getting a job, but why not get a deeper sense of commitment to family and God? Instead of making a major purchase your goal, why not make a major life change your mission? Instead of falling in love this year, why not try loving one another? This is Just-a-Minute with Ed Boggess