The Old Cowboy has been pondering a few examples that have been left in my mind by some Oklahoma Cowboys. As one song states, Cowboys are different in their own kind of way. Most of them have very little folding money in the pocksts of their jeans, Many of them do spend their life chasing dreams, and yes they can get a little roudy. They however will cut a cheap hamburger in half to share with a friend, or cram four in the cab of a pickup truck to get down the road. If one has money for a motel room he’ll invite six of his friends to come share the comforts. Most Cowboys will give you the shirt off their back if you need it, and their last five bucks to help you pay your fees to ride some old bull. Then they will stand on the fence and cheer you on, and then pat you on the back when you get bucked off. In case you are wondering this story is very true and is played out every day up and down these highways.

Now the question all of us have to answer, what are you willing to do for your friends? Maybe the extent of your involvement is simply the age old phrase “I’m parying for you brother.” I just ask you to ponder the story and the question a bit.