A study resulting from interviews with 240 editors and reporters of the nation’s leading news magazines and television networks revealed these startling figures: 8% of those interviewed attended church weekly compared to 41% of the American public. 54% of the media staff did not regard adultery as wrong. 90% favored abortion and 75% saw nothing wrong with homosexuality, whereas 85% of the public considers adultery immoral, 65% abortion as immoral and 71% homosexuality as immoral. This means that the nation’s trend-setters and thought-leaders are far to the left of the general public. Is it any wonder that old-fashioned virtue and morality are regularly held up to ridicule in magazines and on television networks? It seems to me that they have enlisted in Satan’s army and will march with him to Armageddon. The devils and demons surely rejoice. This is Just-a-Minute with Ed Boggess