The Tennessean carried a picture of Managua, Nicaraguan peasants combing through tons of trash and garbage trying to find a lost lottery ticket. It is worth 6 million cordobas, about $1300. A restaurant worker threw away his ticket thinking it was out of date, but it wasn’t. It was later drawn. There seems to be no limit to what some folk will do for money. The amount of the money doesn’t seem to make much difference. Some have been shot down in cold blood for as little as pocket change. Satan’s lie that the key to happiness is a fat billfold continues to enjoy success. They think that if they can just “get ahead”, then they can kick back and enjoy life. So they work two or three jobs for a few more dollars. But often what they sacrifice in loss of intimacy in their marriage or time with their children is not worth what is gained. The best is traded away for the good. This is Just-a-Minute with Ed Boggess