Nobody saw anything wrong with religion at Dan or Bethel until Amos came to town. Nobody saw what ailed Judaism until Jesus walked in Jerusalem. It takes a prophet to show up religion when it becomes a farce instead of a force. Every street corner has a church and every church has a different gospel. But Paul said there is only one gospel. He said that if anyone preached any other message than that which had been given from God, both the deceiver & the deceived would be destroyed, accursed, and anathema. Was Paul right or was he just blowing smoke? I believe Paul knew what he was talking about! He was right; in fact, his message was inspired of the Holy Spirit. There is a broad way & a narrow way – the many take the one & the few the other. As for me and my family, I desire to walk the way of the few. It may not be popular but it is safe. This is Just-a-Minute with Ed Boggess