Ezekiel was carried by Spirit of God to Palestine to tour the Temple and view the abominations that had led to Israel’s punishment. Today the Israel of God does not reside in Palestine but it is the followers of Christ wherever they are. If God’s Spirit were to show us the abominations of His people today, what do you suppose we would see? Would it not include a people who vote to support the slaughter of its tiny babies before they escape from the womb? Would it not include those who choose Sodom and Gomorrah to supplant home and family? A people who vote purse-strings over principles, finance over faith, mammon over morals and economy over axiom; is a people ripe for retribution. I would rather preach the good news of the gospel, but I am forced to the tower of the watchman. I would rather declare “God is love”, but am left to “our God is a consuming fire.” This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess