Catching Up and New Items

  • I have added something new to my blog: Do you think new converts in the early church ever asked why they didn’t use mechanical instruments in worship? Why would they have not? Everybody does today. What are the implications of that? Read my post and join the discussion.
  • I was baptized in Fort Smith, Arkansas in August, 1980. I did the white-knuckle thing for a year or so. I finally made the decision and preached my first sermon the next year. It amazes me that that sermon was nearly 29 years ago. My first sermon and my first book were on the same subject. That’s symmetry!
  • I preach in an Army congregation, so today I spoke on Army Values and how they will also make us better Christians.  The sermon was very well-received. I am deeply humbled by serving a military community.
  • One of our men preached his first sermon tonight and I was thrilled. He was “discovered” less than four years ago through our door knocking efforts. He was baptized and immediately became involved. A couple of years ago, his wife was converted and they are very faithful. Now, he is already preaching. He has been a great encouragement.
  • I am blessed to have been asked to speak in the Preacher’s Files Lectureship this summer and at a Wednesday series in Florida. I don’t get asked that often, so I am always thrilled and humbled. I also have several writing projects the rest of the year.
  • As far as being Wired, I have a cell phone and a laptop. Years ago, a congregation  I preached for bought me a pager. I am so glad we are past searching for pay phones and hoping you won’t get mugged in the process. I’ve been online for around 14 years and on discussion groups ever since. I have learned so much from them. I think I am a better thinker and student of God’s Word and human nature, as a result.
  • Pray for Randal Matheny’s travels and fundraising.
  • God  Bless you. I appreciate our Fellows!
  • I will be finishing up the New Testament on CD tomorrow. I am still on track to listen to it each month this year.
  • I just finished listening to something fresh: A biography of a book. Hew Strachan analyzed Carl von Clausewitz’s classic book, “On  War,” which has been used as a manual in military colleges all over the world. Strachan  examined “On War” in light of the developments of the day, including the wars that Clausewitz participated in and was influenced by.  Plus, the ideas and flow of Clausewitz’s writing. Dry, but interesting. However, it is certainly not for everyone.  :)

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