Waterlogged but OK

People have asked us about our situation here, what with all the rain and mudslides. Here’s my fuller reply. Short answer: we’re inconvenienced, is all, but OK.


KJV blessings

By way of the King James Version, my grandparents and parents came to Christ. It was using the KJV that my grandmother taught my grandfather to read. He was ever a man of a single book, never managing to read the daily newspaper, but he memorized the KJV New Testament.

I cut my spiritual teeth on the KJV. From it I memorized scriptures and won a Bible at church. From it I came to know God and enter his kingdom.

Though I long ago left off using the KJV, its cadences still influence my speech. When I do an English Bible search, its phraseology still bubbles to the surface.

In 1980, while preaching in Shiloh, Tenn., I gave my childhood KJV Bible to an effort that was sending Bibles to Africa. I hope some faithful African brother is making good use of it, for I have since regretted letting it go. I’m a sentimentalist, and a bit of guilt at hanging on to it, with so many Bibles in my possession, caused me to give it up. That twinge of guilt was a good thing, since I’d probably be carting it around until today if I hadn’t.

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Blessings In Using The KJV

For me, the one main blessing in using the King James Version through the years, has been the ease of memorization. Because of it using the King’s English (the Thee’s, Thou’s, verily, peradventure, etc.), it makes for easy memorization: http://www.songsofscripture.com/King-James-Version.html

Another blessing is the great reverence toward God that the KJV text presents. It’s beauty of reverential expression is unequaled: http://www.solagroup.org/articles/historyofthebible/hotb_0015.html

Here is a history of the KJV: http://www.bible-researcher.com/kjvhist.html

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many years ago when I flirted with religion but did not actually embrace it, I read the KJV and found it much too difficult to understand. For a while I went in and out of religious interests, in part, because of the KJV. Since it was the Book in the house, it held a special place for me. Finally, a religious hold grabbed me and I made a point to work at understanding it. Though I struggled, I was finally able to “get a handle” on it. From there I went to the ASV (1901), and used it for 16-17 years. What I have come to like about the KJV is its cadence in the old English (I do enjoy having it read by Scourby).

A blessing for me was the effort I had to put in to understand it. I have carried that effort with me up to this day. This is one of the reasons I enjoy reading from interlinears like I do.

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Daily Nudge: KJV blessings

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version, or Authorized Version, as it is also known. Name some blessings that the KJV has brought to you personally.

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