Of tweets, numbers, Bible sites and 2 questions

Over on Twitter I asked and got no answer, perhaps because my tweet was in the midst of a flurry of others, perhaps because it was on a Friday night. So here goes my question: Prof. John Hick died a few days ago. Was he not in a debate with one of our folk? I have a book with his name on it in my library, which I’ve not seen in a few days, but can’t remember if it’s a debate book with a brother. Do you know?

• My personal Twitter account hit 7000 tweets last night. I noticed quite by accident, as I went looking for John H.’s username to recommend on the Friend Friday feature. (He’s got a numerical digits in his, so I have a hard time remembering it.) I thought it was a lot of tweets, only to discover that not a few friends (hi, Richard) have surpassed me by not a little. To tell the truth, I was actually relieved that I didn’t appear too chatty. Or wordy. Or wasteful of time. And, it must be added, I’ve been on Twitter for quite a long time. (Does Twitter anywhere show when we signed up?)

• Of course, if we were looking for big numbers and records, I could add up all my tweets across the various accounts. I’m embarrassed to name them all. There’s one for BNc, one for FPress, a couple, just a couple, in Portuguese. That’s all I’ll admit to right now. Oh, and I must get Quick Bible Truths in there. It has the most followers.

• A lot of congregational tweets suggest Bible readings: “Today’s reading is such-and-such book, chapter 555.” But no link. Why no link? If people are reading the tweet on the Internet, stands to reason that they might, just might be more likely to read if they have a link to a Bible chapter on the Internet as well. What do you think?

• Another question for you that got asked here before, but got no replies. Besides the NLT, are there any Bible sites out there with just the version—and a modern version at that, not the KJV or ASV—minus any manmade teaching materials or articles?

• The NLT publisher is smart: They set up a site for their version with a short URL perfect for posting, attractive, flexible, legible, easy to use, with just the Bible text (no articles or teaching material), and with no fancy, heavy graphics. It’s about as good as you can get. Though the NLT is not always my favorite rendering, I use the site a lot, because of the site quality.

• A last item, to recommend: David Kenney has broadcast the first Bible Talk of the Wadsworth congregation. Check it out, I’m sure he’d be encouraged by your visit.