The Old Cowboy grew up with all kinds…

The Old Cowboy grew up with all kinds of kids on McKinley Street. We played a lot of baseball, and football, hit a few golf balls, and played kick the can and cowboys and indians. We even tied a few window weights on ropes and beat holes in the ground thinking we might hit oil. As kids do we had squabbles. I had a kid across the street from me, I think he was a year older then I was, and he was a pain. Thinking about him reminds me of the folks that spend their time on social networks running other folks down.

This kid would holler stupid things across the street at me, and I’d every now and then holler stupid things back at him. He did stay in his own yard to do it, and I should have paid attention to that. Every now and then I would go tell my mom what he had said. She just told me to ignore him, he was just flappin his jaws to hear his head rattle. Dad was a little more hands on in such matters, he told me to go over and bust him in the mouth. I did ignore him for what seemed to be a long time, and then one day I went across the street and gave him a big attitude adjustment. You know he quit hollering things across the street, he just went to school and ran me down to his friends, and they told their friends. In the end I learned it would have been better to have ignored him, and just let him holler stupid things across the street.

Now days children like that kid show up on the social networks running folks down. I just let them argue and fight with other folks, just like them. I simply delete their nonsense, and I love it when I can block them, and I don’t have to upset my friends with such. You see, a bully is never a good teacher, they’re just good at slamin doors. Cowboys just don’t want to be around bullies, you never learn anything useful from them, and they will drag you down to their level, if you let them.