The Muddy Hillside

Trying to scale a muddy hillside with leather-soled shoes is similar to the way many people try to scale themselves out of a sinful behavior. Clearly, they know how bad it is—otherwise, they would not try to scale the hillside in order to get out of the bondage they are in. The problem, however, is that there is no getting out, only a sliding back down in the morass of sinful behavior. Even when the hillside is dry, trying to scale it with the same shoes just about proves insurmountable. There is no gripping, no traction, and they will even come off with the effort expended in the scaling. Why not, rather, allow Him who has overcome sin to be the one that lends a hand down for you to grab in order that He may pull you up. This is done when one confesses sins to Him who is already at the top. The muddy hillside never dries; each time you try to scale out on your own, the amount of sweat you pour into it keeps the hillside muddy. 

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