Gospel preacher Warren Kenney slated Tuesday to remove head tumor

Gospel preacher Warren Kenney

Gospel preacher Warren Kenney

This from our brother and TFR Fellow David Kenney about his dad, Warren Kenney, long-time minister at the Central congregation in Martinsburg, WV:

Dad, Mom and Sherry met with the neurologists while we were on our way to the hospital from the hotel. We received a VERY favorable report. The tumor is close to the skull, right behind the right eye, and appears to be localized. They can go in with a more minimal incision and get the whole tumor which is about 1.75 x 1 inches. He will have to go through chemo and radiation treatment as a precaution. The tumor will be analyzed to see if further treatment will be required. He will have surgery on Tuesday, be in ICU a day, and will be released on Friday. He will have about a 30-day recovery period.

The doctors do not see any behavior risks and expect a complete recovery. He will be able to continue to do what he loves most–preach the gospel and enjoy life with mom.

We are so thankful for all your prayers on his and our family’s behalf and our loving God who has been mindful of dad. Please keep praying as the surgery will be Tuesday morning. The doctors are running more tests to make sure they are fully prepared for the operation.

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