Good, but not the main, reason

One author seeks to motivate people to read their Bibles by doing it for others. Continue reading

Fights in the Church of England and in the Lord’s church

A court in the Church of England has ruled against padded chairs in a medieval church. As if they had nothing better to do. Reminds one of the old saying about rearranging chairs on the sinking Titanic. Continue reading

The best use for drones yet?

An evangelical church in Sweden plans to use drones to drop thousands of electronic Bibles over parts of Iraq controlled by ISIS, says The Daily Caller.

This must be a first, and possibly the best use of drones yet, reckon? Not only a peaceful purpose, but spiritual.

Let’s hope and pray the Bibles don’t contain extra doctrinal content. Just the Word, please.

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Ministers and finances: Content with little?

An evangelical group’s survey found “bleak state” in these results of ministers’ finances:

The survey reveals that 30 percent of pastors have student loan debt averaging $36,000; 33 percent have less than $10,000 in retirement funds; and 29 percent have no retirement savings.

The survey also revealed that a minority received financial orientation in their ministerial studies.

Makes one wonder how evangelists, preachers, missionaries, and elders supported by our people are doing financially.

One suspects that many are, like the apostle to the Gentiles, learning the secret of contentment with little, Php 4.12.

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Meanwhile, during the Olympics


Yours Truly with three new evangelists in Pimentas church, Guarulhos, Brazil

Even though we still feel sluggish getting back into our Brazil routine, after our US trip, the month of August filled up with events, every weekend. Three of the four are teaching opportunities outside of our region: the ordination of three evangelists (last Sunday), a marriage seminar, and a day-long seminar on order in worship and discipline in the church. Continue reading

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Simple and replicable

This was one of my main points in my recent report in the US and a tenet of my ministry.

In everything, the emphasis is on keeping things simple and replicable. If the house church becomes overly dependent on one person or one structure, it cannot reproduce itself.

The quoted author seeks to maintain a balance, but tips the scales, rightly so, in my mind, toward house churches.

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Listening as spiritual art

hearListening is a spiritual art. It is the beginning of salvation. Many saints often begin the steps of salvation with hearing the gospel: “hear, believe, repent, etc.” That’s the blessed and necessary starting point.

The great Jewish recitation is the Shema, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one” Deut 6.4 ESV. They say these are a faithful Jew’s last words. Supposedly, those last words have been the main words of a faithful life. In the Old Testament to hear means to obey. Continue reading

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