Adultery Article and News

Hello, everyone. I hope you are well. I have several things to share today.

First of all, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I miss Randal being around.

Second, I have posted an In the News post on my blog. There are over two dozen links to stories on the bad economy and the federal deficit, abortion, homosexuality, how Democrats don’t want Obama to campaign for them, etc. The Senate is considering a bill where the U.N. will give your children the right and legal authority to disobey you or take you to court. This opens up a terrifying scenario.

Third, years ago, I wrote a manuscript in the Greer Lectures in Greer, South Carolina on the topic of,  Is Adultery Covenant Breaking? I have posted my lengthy, scholarly manuscript on this challenging and controversial subject. I hope you find it helpful.

Today, is one month since the situation with my legs began. I go to the doctor on Monday. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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Sermon Help

Do you want help with your sermons, lessons and articles? I am posting In the News items on my blog, so you can be better informed. I hope this will be a rich resource for your work. I do the work, so you don’t have too.

Today’s issue: Overweight girls more likely to have sex early, link between music & marijuana, Polls: Abortion is immoral but homosexuality is not, Sugar drinks affect blood pressure and much, much more.

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Resting and Producing

I am taking some time to rest and stay off of my legs today. So, I have been working on my blog and I wanted to share that with you.

I was blessed to received Randal Matheny’s new book in the mail!

I posted an In the News segment, so you can stay informed on what is going on, such as: Obama wants new international order; Family structure strongly affects homosexual behavior in women; ultrasound technology continues to change minds/hearts on abortion; the Humanist case against euthanasia.

I posted a sermon entitled, The Grace Commission.

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I have posted a new blog post that I think will be of interest to you as a Christian interested in the culture.

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What’s Going On?

I have posted my new, “In the News” post. California students were sent home from school for wearing shirts emblazoned with the American flag. 92% of Americans believe in God. Comedy Central is planning a comedy about Jesus. Read More

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In the News

I have added a new In the News post to my blog to keep us better informed as to attacks on morality, ethics, etc. I hope you find them informative.

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