Review of Randal’s Book, “Choose!”

J. Randal Matheny’s book, Choose! pushes us to a better life and I review his good book at my Moving Word website.

Books come in different forms and serve various purposes. Some books are read, then shelved so they can be retrieved during times of difficulty. Like poems and Psalms, they wrap us in a protective coat and inspire us to persevere. With wisdom and guidance, they offer us a gentle push and help change our perspectives on life.

Please stop by and read about Brother Matheny’s excellent book.

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Preacher has a New Novel

Douglas Kashorek, preacher for the Plattsburg [New York] Church of Christ has a a new novel, Kin of Cain. He is the only man in Churches of Christ that I know of, with a published novel. He updates the story of Beowulf in the Adirondack mountains in a fantasy novel that is filled with suspense. He covers the era between the end of the Civil War to the Great Depression in the Adirondack Mountains. He includes a lot of Scripture in the novel and preaching and  Scripture have a key part in the plot.

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Reviewing Paula Harrington’s New Book

I review Paula Harrington’s new book, A Common Bond. She interviews several experienced and knowledgeable preachers and shares their answers to help her readers see preaching from the inside out. Paula has done good work with this book.

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Grow As a Writer

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you need to write in images and stories. Even if you only write bulletin articles, you need to become a better storyteller.

On my Moving Word writing blog, I have weekly writing exercises to help you grow as a writer. They are fun, as well.

Today I provide an opportunity to write about a memory of exploring outdoors when you were young and what you found there.  I also give you a chance to create a character and tell us who they are and what they are about. On Mondays, we have What Do You See? where you write a scene based on a photo.

I hope you will come and explore the site. I hope to grow this site over time and make it something special. I have interviews with writers and novelists in the church, as well.

Join me.

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Interview with J. Randal Matheny

I hope you will come by and read the excellent thoughts of our fearless editor, J. Randal Matheny on The Moving Word writing blog. Since  I started these interviews, I’ve looked forward to this moment. Thanks, Randal.

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Writing Better Biblical Articles

“If we want to write a non-fiction article that will move people to act decisively to improve their lives or correct a shortcoming, we must remember these four basic tips. We must never settle for mediocrity. Always strive to produce a masterpiece, even if we fall short. Aspiring for greatness pushes us to higher levels of competency.”

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The Diminishing Words

“A writer opens his toolbox and places his tools on the table, to construct a work of art. Words take form and sentences become pages. The writer labors to find the perfect word in his arsenal of vocabulary. His training, knowledge, study and reading come to bear as he struggles for perfection. His freedom of thought pours onto the page and something special takes life. Writing is a singular exercise built on the shoulders of the ages. The penman fills his toolbox with the best at his disposal. Words are his sword.”

The issue is that the vocabularies of readers are growing smaller, so writers have a smaller pool of words to choose from, as they write. What can we do about this challenge as writers of sermons/articles?

I would like to hear your thoughts.

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